We need your help to end hair discrimination in the UK.

We'd love you to get involved. Read more about our three part campaign strategy and decide how you want to join the fight.

Our strategy for fighting hair discrimination is divided into 3 parts, and we’d love you to get involved in any way that you can today.Read more about our three part strategy and join the fight

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The Halo Code has been established to help end hair discrimination in schools and workplaces with a simple dress code that gives freedom to Black hairstyles..

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fix up THE LAW

Although hair discrimination is against UK law, it still happens all the time. Ask the Government to fix up the law by explicitly naming Black hair in the Equality Act.

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We're over being stigmatised for our hair. Help us change the way Black hair is perceived through research, education, and positive representation..

Why We Exist

Why is this important?

Hair discrimination remains a source of racial injustice with serious consequences for Black people in the UK. Despite hair being a protected racial characteristic under the law, there is a widely held belief that Black hairstyles are not suited for formal settings, and may be unhygienic, messy, disruptive, or unkempt. These ideas strike at the freedom and dignity of Black people and serve no purpose other than to instil shame in us about our Blackness.

No one should have to change their natural or protective hairstyle in order to thrive. Together, we will ensure that all Black people can learn, work, and live free from hair discrimination.

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