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Don’t Touch My Hair

Emma Dabiri

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Good Hair: The Essential Guide to Afro, Textured and Curly Hair

Charlotte Mensah

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Hair Equality Report

World Afro Day

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The Good Hair Study

Perception Institute

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Jay-Ann Lopez & Patrina Charles

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Don’t Touch My Hair: an interview with Emma Dabiri

Penguin Books UK

In this exclusive collaboration with gal-dem, Charlie Brinkhurst-Cuff interviews Emma Dabiri on her debut book, Don’t Touch My Hair.

The History of Black Hair

Chime Edwards

A short history of Afro-textured hair and hairstyles and their significance.

The Psychology of Black Hairby Johanna Lukate

TEDx Cambridge University

A TEDx talk on how Black hair is never neutral, and how the histories of slavery, colonialism, and discrimination are weaved into our understanding of Black hair and bodies.